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My name is Alan Barasch. I have been collecting the stamps of the Falkland Islands since about 1969 and exhibiting them since 1977. I am a 55+ year member of the American Philatelic Society, smember of the Falkland Islands Philatelic Study Group, American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors, Royal Philatelic Society, London, St. Helena, Tristan and Ascension Study Group, a life member of the Society of Israel Philatelists, American Topical Association, Royal Philatelic Society, London, and a number of local clubs. In my spare time, I write the websites for all the local stamp shows and clubs.

How I Started Collecting Falkland Islands

I was a freshman in college (U of Tennessee, Knoxville) and I was telling a friend about my collection. At the time it was a total of 5 volumes; including Israel, a scattering of recent US, and some foreign. Falklands
This “friend” looks at it in disgust and said, real collectors specialize in something, they do not try to collect the world. I pulled my catalog off the shelf and opened it at random. It fell open to Falkland Islands. Over 50 years later I am still at it.

The Falkland collection was sold in 2018 but I am still highly interested in the subject.


Detail from sheet showing ‘neck blemish’ constant error FI 1891 Bisect pairs

My friends think I am trying to corner the market on 1891 Bisect covers

In addition to Falkland Islands, I collect:
  • Nyassa
  • Offices in Palestine
  • Corfu
  • British Empire ‘War Tax’ and Postage Dues
  • DNA & Genealogy on Stamps
  • Computers on Stamps
  • Calligraphy on Stamps
  • Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, & Prince Edward Island
  • Buddha on Stamps
  • The descendants of Queen Victoria on Stamps
    • Here is a PDF of the presentation that I gave at Gladstone Philatelic Club in October 2015. It is over 8 megabytes.
  • ‘Dead’ Countries
Need more information about the Falkland Islands?

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